The 3 Most Used Scams By Cyber Criminals To Take Advantage Of The People


Scams are everywhere. Hackers or cyber criminals always want to try new cons to get what they want. These cyber criminals always find new ways to take advantage of the public. All of us should be vigilant and careful so that we won’t fell for their tricks. The first thing we need to do is familiarize ourselves with the common cyber scams that these criminals always try to pull off. Here are the most used scams that we should avoid.

  1. Phishing Scams


It’s the most popular scam run on the web. People will send emails asking for your info like passwords. You should never respond to that. It’s just that a lot of people fell for it because the emails sent appear to be legit. An email from a bank surely won’t bring suspicions out of you. However, you must remember that financial institutions will never ask for personal details regarding your account

  1. Greeting Card Scam


You’ll be surprised one day that you received a greeting card through your email from someone that you haven’t spoken in years. Your instinct will tell you to click on it so you can view the content. Do not try to click that because it can be the gateway that viruses and malware will be installed on your device.

  1. Quick Bank Loan Approval


I’m confident that we’ve all seen this kind of scam one way or another. Put in mind that banks always follow standard operating procedures when it comes to loaning their money. Bank specialist, will never approve a loan without getting a guarantee. If someone presented you a fantastic plan, make sure that the deal is not too good to be true because if it is, it is more likely to be a scam.

All of us should be very careful so that we won’t fall into one of those scams. You should never click things randomly from the things you receive in the web. You have to think before clicking anything.


The Top 3 Reasons Why People Use Virtual Private Network

Even though we are outside, we can’t help but access things online. It makes the public connection very convenient so we can check things through the web. What can we do? Technology is just getting better and better. We can’t stop the fast growth of tech development, but we can still protect our best interest by using Virtual Private Networks or VPN’s. Check out the reasons why a lot of people use VPN these days.

  1. Public Wi-Fi Protection


Every time we are connected through public hotspots, the risk of getting our personal information stolen is high. Other people are connected at the same connection who can easily hack their way around to get the passwords you have that will give them clearance to stole your identity or bank information.

  1. Keeps you off the grid


Homeowners usually use VPN at home to ensure their family’s safety. With the help of VPN, the location of your place will not be compromised. People who have bad things in mind can’t push through with their plans because they wouldn’t know where you are. It is best most especially if you have kids at home.

  1. It comes handy whenever you are traveling


If you travel, it’s obvious that your location will change and it only means that there’s a big chance that you’ll encounter sites that have access restriction. The best example of this is your bank website. Banks have a protocol to protect their clients all the time, so if you are in a different place, the access might be cut off. If you use VPN, it doesn’t matter where you’re traveling to because VPN can help you get rid of those restrictions. Another example would be online streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and others. You can read a guide how to unblock them.

VPN’s are very beneficial to us. It makes thing easier, and it helps in protecting our privacy from cyber criminals who want to take their shot on us.


4 Important Tools That Are Used To Protect Your Online Privacy

Our privacy is important because it holds the key to all our personal information down to financial records. It’s something that we should protect at all times. We should never be too complacent with the people whom, we give our details. Always remember that it can be used against us. To make sure your online privacy is secure here are the best tools that can be utilized for safety precaution.

  1. AdBlock

Social media is already a part of our lives. Every day we check our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms. It already became a habit for people. What we don’t know is that these applications contain a lot of ads that can be risky. If you install AdBlock, these social media accounts you have can’t forward any information about you after every visit on their platforms.

  1. Ghostery

If you are fond of surfing the net, you often see cookies and plug-ins that pop out. With the help of Ghostery, you can block even the undetected cookies and plug-ins. Aside from that, it will let you see it including the ad-networks associated with it.

  1. ScriptNo for Chrome

It works like Ghostery, just even better because it’s not limited to invisible cookies and usual plug-ins. It will send a notification to inform you about anything suspicious going on the web when you access it.

  1. Do Not Track Plus

We’ve all seen those connect me button through various websites like when you see a Facebook or Twitter button on it. You should not take that for granted because it can transmit your information through that. If you have a Do Not Track Plus extension, you can stop any third party data forwarding. The only time the info will be sent is if you click it.

Our privacy is important, so we need to ensure that all our personal information is always protected.