Within the recent years, the demand for global security has increased. In fact, experts agree that over one million cyber security positions will be in demand by 2019. Companies all over the world are looking for experts in safety to help them build a reliable service to keep their user information safe.

With that, here are the top four reasons why your tech team needs a developer with cyber security skills.

Apps Generate More Data, With More Chances of Risk

With the rise of apps for multiple uses, the number of devices is starting to increase as well as open loads of sensitive data. Within these apps opens our personal records that include healthcare, banking, and even locations we often visit. Companies that create these services often lack the proper strategy and security. This means that there is a high risk in user data.

Businesses Require Security Built Into Their Design

Even with the most complicated passwords, you can still have a weak database security. Companies need to develop better security software to create secure systems and minimize vulnerabilities within the system. You can construct the strongest website, but if you leave the lines weak, any hacker can enter.

Help Make Educated Decisions On Cyber Security

It is not always easy to create user-friendly and secure solutions. To make sure that your level of security as its best, you will need to increase the safety features that are not always visible for end-uses. While this may affect your performance, developers will make the decision on what is secure enough for use.

Create Crypto Components

Most security challenges face third-party components and SDKs. While they take up most of the crypto, choosing and integrating will require actionable knowledge on quality safety.


Investing in cyber security starts with the right people with the skills in cyber protection. Adding the right developers with these skills will help your company grow, stay secure and provide opportunities within the organization.