Tips for protecting your data when using public wi-fi


Using a public Wi-Fi connection is always deductible in the safety cybersecurity world. I know how you have heard thousands of times that you need to stop using that public Wi-Fi connection, and that is actually the truth about it. But, what if you need to use it? What if you are traveling? For that purpose, we have created this article. We want to share some of the best security tips you can ever hear when it comes to stay protected while using a public Wi-Fi. So, let’s start!

Too many networks

There are numerous networks that may be free and public, and you may want to use them. What’s wrong with that? Well, there may be some problems. You need to be sure how you have picked the correct network. How to know that? Pick up the legitimate one, because if you always reach the one with the highest signal or some easy connection, you may end up as a victim of classical phishing, and I am pretty sure that you want to escape that situation, right?

Just ask

What should you need to ask? You need to ask to connect to that public Wi-Fi network. But why, it’s public? In that case, you will feel much safer, than connecting to some network you don’t know anything about. I would like to add one more tip here. That one tip would definitely be to check your settings and to really check off that button which tells you to ”Ask to Join Networks”. It may sound like a hard and boring task to do, but when you think that how you may easily become a victim of phishing, I am pretty sure that you will change your mind about that in a second.


How much do you know about Hotspots? In this case, they may be your best friend. Those will keep you protected and safe. All you need to do here is just to subscribe to those Hotspots. We would highly recommend you to subscribe to Boingo or Gogo one. You cannot make a mistake with those, trust me.

Using a VPN connection

When it comes to protecting yourself while using a public Wi-Fi, you cannot forget about the Virtual Private Network. If you just need to check something that is very important to you or to send some message of a great value, then we are pretty sure how you want to stay anonymous, right?